My Approach

As I tell all my clients when I first meet them, I provide the tools; clients takes those tools and use them to meaningfully change their lives.  I use an eclectic approach and include cognitive behavior, reality, systems, behavioral, and strengths based perspectives. I believe clients have many inner strengths, talents and resources already available to them.  

As a team, I work with my clients to help them better access and utilize those resources, as well as develop new ones.  When the issue involves more than one person, I stress the importance of both parties' contribution to both the problem and its solution.  Blame is rarely a useful tool to use when constructing healthy relationships.  

Counseling for Adolescents, Children, and Families
Rachel Parker, LISW-CP
The Sandlapper Center, 419 Lexington Avenue, Chapin, SC 29036
Lifepoint Counseling Center, 1431 North Lake Boulevard, Lexington, SC 29072